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ACE2015 CFP – Animal Computer Interaction as Speculative and Critical Design Practice

As part of ongoing research i have been sifting through a large volume of Animal Computer Interaction projects, i will be attempting to write something for the extended Call For Papers for ACE2015 the conference for the Advancement of Computer Entertainment which critiques the focus on utility in a large proportion of ACI. This paper reframes ACI as a form of Speculative or Critical Design Practice which can be used to propose arguments about anthropocentrism. This paper will compare a range of digital games designed for cats designed for phone and tablet devices to analyse what these games, as instances of…

How Cats See

Working with consultants from the All Animal Eye Clinic, Artist Nickolay Lamm developed a range of work which demonstrates the differences in the way that cats and humans see the world. The work of Lamm helps to highlight some of the UI and UX design considerations for inclusive or inter-species design for felines.