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Tag: interspecies design

Equine Eyes

Equine Eyes is a project to help promote inter-species empathy and understanding by allowing the wearer to see the world “as a horse”. The head set which comprises of a modified commercially available virtual reality headset, with two filtered and mapped live camera feeds, simulates the field of vision, color spectrum and focal depth of a horses sight. This work explores the situated, embodied and immediate nature of understanding the world through sight, and opens spaces of consideration for what it must be like to “be a horse”. The headset takes the form of a low-polygon rendering of a horse’s…

In the Eyes of the Animals

This installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast, uses head mounted displays to put the user in a simulated visualisation of the forest rendered from Lidar data. The project disembodies the user and allows them to move between different rendered scenarios and views of the forest.

ACE2015 CFP – Animal Computer Interaction as Speculative and Critical Design Practice

As part of ongoing research i have been sifting through a large volume of Animal Computer Interaction projects, i will be attempting to write something for the extended Call For Papers for ACE2015 the conference for the Advancement of Computer Entertainment which critiques the focus on utility in a large proportion of ACI. This paper reframes ACI as a form of Speculative or Critical Design Practice which can be used to propose arguments about anthropocentrism. This paper will compare a range of digital games designed for cats designed for phone and tablet devices to analyse what these games, as instances of…