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Research Outputs


Hook, A. (forthcoming) Making As Speculating On Inter-Species Inter-Subjective Subjectivity Or Building Toys To Try And See Like A Horse Alphaville 

Coulton, P. and Hook, A. (2017) “Games Design Research through Games Design Practice”. Game Design Research Ed. Lankoski, P. and Holopainen J. ETC Press 

Conference Contributions

Hook, A. (2019) The Politics of Interspecies Design Technology Culture and Politics (UK)

Hook, A. (2018) Designing Empathy: Understanding Nonhuman Animals Falmouth University 

Hook A. (2018)  Speculations on the Human and Non-Human Animal Through Play Playful Encounters (CHN) 

Hook, A. (2018) Exploring the Borders Between Human and Non-Human Animals. TEDxBallybofey (IE) 

Hook, A. (2018) Speculations on the Human and Non-Human Animal. Film and Screen Media Creative Practice Symposium (IE)

Stadon, J. & Hook, A. (2017) Oblique Strategies for Mixed Reality Art Workshop, VSMM2017 International Society on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia

Hook, A. (2017) Inter-Species Play as Speculative Design, If You Weren’t: Playing with Realities in ARG, AR, and VR, Stanford University (US) 

Hook, A. (2016) Animal Computer Interaction as Speculative and Critical Design Practice Picteilín, Dundlak Institute of Technology (IE)