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Animal-Machine Interfaces

Savage, J., Sanchez-Guzman, R.A., Mayol-Cuevas, W., Arce, L., Hernandez, A., Brier, L., Martinez, F., Velazquez, A., Lopez, G. (2000). Animal-Machine Interfaces. Proc. Fourth International Symposium on Wearable Computers, pp.191-192

This paper reports on a collaborative research project UNAM-CAN consisting of a wearable computer for service canines which is used by humans to compile simple instructions relayed to the dogs through speakers. The research highlights the usefulness of wearable sensors and technologies in aiding animals in their tasks for humans. The paper focuses on ubiquitous computing and wearables as the best approach in helping animals to interact with systems (rather than screen based computing). The authors highlight that their “intention is not to develop devices to exploit animals but to provide technology that helps in human-animal relations.”(p. 191) The study distances itself from other works by stating that they “believe that the symbiosis between the computer and the living being is more adequate and feasible for demanding scenarios.” The research starts with a process of animal conditioning to Prize Words to help train the animal. The project then records these 15 command words to relay to the dog.


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