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To mimic the horses cone of vision i will use 2X180 degree cameras mounted on the side of the rig. Tests with the ELP webcam in unity produce 2 warped views which allow for wide angle viewing in a 16:9 screen. Unity renders them slightly differently that the ‘off-the-shelf’ cameras that i have been testing with and when overlapped the gradient shows a different type of render effect. This should not effect the design, but is an odd anomaly that might cause issues later. This can be seen below in the dotted shading between two overlapping texture renders.


The cameras will be mounted at an angle so that they overlap to create a FOV which matches the horses 350 degree FOV. This should mean that if the user crosses their eyes, looking towards the left hand side of the right screen render, and the right hand side of the left screen render, then they should see overlapping images that are directly in front of the rig. This will not give complete overlapping cone and 350 vision as the cone of binocular overlap will only be around 10-20% rather than 30% cone.


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