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Horse Vision Video


This video shows a simulated view of a horses vision, it demonstrates the field of view (350) and the colour palette which is a restricted dichronic range between blue and yellow. The simulation which can be found as an uploaded video in french to the Facebook page Haras de la Cense opens with the camera in 3rd person, offset to the left of the horse and rider, and then moves slowly to the horses eye. At this point the video morphs into ‘horse vision’ panorama. The video demonstrates a series of scenarios to show how the horses eye adjusts to different brightness’s and depths.

The video comments are the most interesting, with a number of riding enthusiasts and horse owners reflecting on how the horse must experience different conditions and how this might effect it emotionally. There is one comment which stands out from Moulinette Korin:

The comment is in french but translates as:

Vision and anthropomorphique vision, since the horse also sees with his nose, feet, hair and….. no digital innovation can ever translate for us his universe, poor cripples that we are!

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