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Critical gameplay: designing games to critique convention

Grace, L. (2012). Critical gameplay: designing games to critique convention. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference on Multimedia (pp. 1185-1188). ACM.

This paper gives an overview of the critical gameplay design project giving a short description of critical gameplay and a range of examples of its implementation.

Useful quotes
“Critical Design is a production process that aims to offer social critique through the production of objects […] the goal is to encourage dialogue about the way people choose to play.” (p. 1185)

“This research seeks to engage the more complicated relationship of play mechanics, convention, and values. It is widely accepted that games can employ procedural rhetoric via the tasks they require players to repeat. What is not clear is if there are greater opportunities to utilize unconventional mechanics to perpetuate new procedural rhetoric.” (p. 1185)

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