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Animal Superpowers

Animal Superpowers formed part of the first discussions between myself and Paul Coulton when we met to discuss the project on the 29th July 2015. The series of work is a collaboration between Chris Woebken and Kenichi Okada. The body of work consists of 3 mediated experiences, the most famous (pictured above) uses cameras attached to the users hand, producing a live feed to the users helmet. The live feed is magnified giving the user the feeling of being X50 smaller (ant sized). The project also features a periscope to give the user the view of an adult (or Giraffe) and a head band which tracks home, to simulate the experience of birds.

These objects open up a space to view the word as an animal other, and offer the user a space to experience the world differently. The possibility of new mediated subjectivities can be openned to reflect on the limited perceptual range of humans, and a space to reflect on the process of anthropomorphising animals.

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